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Most transmission fluid is bright red in colour, although some European vehicles use a transmission fluid similar to the colour of engine oil.

We recommend changing your fluid every two years or 40,000 KM under normal driving conditions.

Yes.  Servicing involves removing the transmission pan and replacing the filter and pan gasket, along with 40-50% of the transmission fluid.

A Flush will replace approximately 100% of the fluid.

Towing heavy loads without a transmission cooler can cause your transmission to overheat, so we would recommend installing one.

Transmissions are sealed units, so having to add fluid indicates a leak.  Operating your vehicle with a low fluid level can cause serious damage quickly.  Topping up your fluid level before driving further is a must.

Yes.  Most vehicles do not have a separate transmission check light.

Probably not, we can repair most transmissions for around the same cost as installing a used one.